Captain Dolphin, 2

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Captain's Log Supplemental (c) Ralph Kidson
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Fll fonies feceived fill fe fent fo fhe Ralph Kidson fenevolence fund.
Fou flay fwish fo fumtact Falphie fulva Flectronic Fail, fumping fhove fheese fanky fodgy foncocktions filly fe fuked fut & fhafted fn a fravan - fo fleaze fnduce fondle frsing forrespunkence fetails - fuck fs four fnob & fndress.
ff foo fhould fumping fo fube fen & frostrate fourself, fhen flease feel free fit fractice fank fenismanship fy frithing ficketly foss:
Ralph Kidson, 3 Langridges Close, Newick, Nr Lewes*, E Sussex, BN8 4LZ,UK.

Be sure to include a monetary donation as this may illicit more comics by return mail.
*This detail is included in the event of they forgetting where they last left Newick... they are always losing it.